Classic Contemporary

Classic contemporary interiors blend traditional and modern design elements to create a timeless and sophisticated look. They feature clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and a focus on simplicity and minimalism. Mixing old and new elements and using texture and high-quality materials are essential aspects of this design style. The result is a polished, elegant, and functional space prioritising quality over quantity.

Making your Bespoke Sofa

The Journey of Crafting Your Dream Sofa Without Breaking the Bank

Having spent many years in the furniture business, I've witnessed countless innovations, trends, and evolutions in furniture design. But one thing has remained constant: the allure and charm of a bespoke, tailor-made sofa that perfectly fits your space. Whether you're a homeowner or an interior designer seeking perfection for your client, our bespoke sofa journey promises excellence without burning a hole in your pocket.

Crafting the Perfect Shape & Size

Every living space is unique, just as every individual is. This philosophy drives us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure the sofa they receive is a seamless fit for their space. We begin by understanding the specific dimensions of your room, discussing your personal style, and considering functional elements like traffic flow and positioning. By combining this information with our extensive knowledge, we sculpt a sofa that’s not only comfortable but also complements the room's aesthetics.

An Ocean of Fabrics to Choose From

Finding the right fabric can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But with our expansive fabric library, the journey becomes delightful. From plush velvets to breezy linens, there's something for every taste. And if you've already found a fabric that has stolen your heart elsewhere? No worries. Bring it along, and we'll incorporate it into your design.

Prioritising Safety: Fire Treating Your Sofa

Safety is paramount. Ireland and the UK have stringent fire safety laws for upholstery. To ensure compliance without compromising on aesthetics, we treat each sofa with fire retardants. So, while you lounge or nap on your comfy couch, you can be assured that it meets the highest safety standards.

The Making of Your Bespoke Sofa

Your sofa is not just another piece of furniture; it's a reflection of your taste and choices. The making of it is a delicate process. From framing to ensuring each stitch is perfect, our craftsmen breathe life into your design. Want a softer seating experience? We can use feather fills. Prefer something firmer? Foam or synthetic fills are at your disposal. Every choice is yours, and we guide you at each step.

Storing Until You're Ready

We understand that sometimes timelines don't match. Perhaps your home isn’t ready, or maybe you're waiting for the right moment to revamp your living space. Our warehousing solution ensures your sofa stays safe and pristine until you're ready to welcome it home.

Delivery: The Final Mile

Our commitment doesn't end at crafting your sofa. Our dedicated delivery drivers ensure your masterpiece reaches you in impeccable condition. And if you need assistance with placement or setup, they're there to help.

Choosing a sofa is personal. It's where countless memories are made, where lazy Sundays are spent, where guests are entertained. And we, at Sutherland Interiors, take pride in being part of this intimate journey. From the first sketch to the final delivery, our aim is to ensure you get the sofa of your dreams without straining your wallet. So, when you think "sofa", whether it's a chic corner sofa, a timeless chesterfield, a functional sofa bed, or any other type, remember - we're Ireland's premier bespoke sofa company, always at your service.

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